Fieracavalli is a world-class event in the equestrian scene, at the beginning it was a simple equine market that has undergone exponential development over the years, officially becoming an International Fair in 1950. Today, Fieracavalli is a “catalyst of interest” not only for enthusiasts, but above all for the thousands of people, mostly young people, who through horses recognize themselves in a new way of conceiving life, linking together sport, music, design, art, solidarity, history, leisure, tourism and adventure (
Also this year, our project partner Ente Parco Regionale Veneto del Delta del Po was present at the fair in the dedicated space of the Veneto Region stand from 9 to 12 November 2023. As usual, the Po Delta had the opportunity to offer a tasting of local products to visitors to the fair: “Knowledge and Flavors of the Lagoons of the Po Delta”. In addition, for the Director and the President of the Park this was an important occasion during which they had the opportunity to talk about the LIFEEL Project, arousing great interest in those present.
Below are some pictures of the stand.