The Lifeel project, with the help of all the people concerned, intends to contribute to the mapping of the areas of presence of the Eel in order to include them among those areas subject to management measures aimed at conserving the species in the long term.
If you catch a specimen of eel, whether or not it is marked with a green spaghetti Tag, or if you have reports concerning the project you can:
1 – fill out the form below
2 – write to us directly at
We remind you that the compilation of the form can be done anonymously and does not imply any commitment to the Lifeel project.
We invite you to release any specimens caught, especially if marked, as a concrete gesture in support of this highly threatened species! Thank you for your cooperation!
Enter the place of capture by entering it directly on the map.
Enter the number of the tag on the eel as shown in the photo.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.
Upload the photo of the specimen, if you want even more than one!
If you have any reports concerning the marked specimen or in general on the project write them in this space.