On March 4, 2021, the Technical Commission met to evaluate the applications received, defining the following ranking:
1st Mari Franco (score 51/51)
2nd Barbieri Cristina (score 44.5/51)
3rd Brizzi Giulio (score 20/51)
4th Grasso Elena (score 19/51)
FINALLY, VERIFIED the admission requirements provided for in art. 4 of the Notice, Dr. Signa Gabriella is excluded from the ranking for the lack of ten-year professional experience referred to in point 9 of the same Article 4.
The Commission therefore assigns the task of Project Manager of the LIFEEL Project (LIFE19 NAT/IT/000851) to MARI FRANCO, the winning result with a score of 51/51. For any replacements of the designated technician, it is reserved to be able to draw on the professionals selected here, in the order indicated by the ranking.


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