After overcoming the hard selection of projects funded by the European Commission, under the LIFE – Biodiversity Programme, the LIFEEL Project is ready to face its challenge: the conservation of the European Eel.
The project will last four years, until the end of 2024, and will see the Lombardy Region engaged as the leader and numerous other bodies its partners in this adventure from Italy Regione Emilia-Romagna, Parco Delta del Po Veneto, Parco Delta del Po Emiliano, Parco Lombardo della Valle del Ticino, the Universities of Bologna and Ferrara, the company GRAIA srl and from Greece the Fisheries Research Institute of the Hellenic Agricultural Organisation (ELGO “DIMITRA”).
The working group is being completed, almost all strategic project roles have been assigned and the notice for the selection of the Project Manager, the central figure for LIFE, will be published shortly.


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